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Services We Offer

Skilled Nursing (RN and LVN)

-Assess for changes in medical condition.
- Educate on disease process, medication management and prevention of complication
- Perform procedures such as catheter insertion, wound V.A.C. therapy, ostomy care, diabetic care, enteral and parenteral feeding, IV infusion, and antibiotic therapy.
- Supervise care of patient and family interaction under the physician’s supervision to foster maximum self care

Physical Therapy

- Restore muscle function through effective therapeutic exercise
- Improve ability to walk while preventing fall risk
- Determine the most appropriate home equipment needs
- Home safety evaluation and education

Occupational Therapy

- Restore ability to self care at home such as bathing, dressing, grooming and basic household
- Establish a daily routine and to promote independence

Speech Therapy

- Restore ability to swallow safely
- Improve ability to communicate
- Improve memory & cognitive skills


- Deal with social and emotional counseling
- Educate patient and allow family’s participation in providing care
- Refer to community resources to help with financial concerns


- Identify and assess nutrition risk, develop
strategies, and provide nutrition instructions to bring a patient out of a state of risk and into a state of wellness.


- Assist with personal care
- Help with in-home needs